Integration of Power conversion, Electric machine, and Control International Power Electronics Conference 2022 Integration of Power conversion, Electric machine, and Control
International Power Electronics Conference 2022

WIE (Women in Engineering) Breakfast at IPEC ECCE Asia 2022 in Himeji

17th May 2022, Tuesday
8:00- 9:00 am
Room: Special Conference Room + Online

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Registration deadline: 10th May, 13:00 (JST)

Speaker 1

Ms. Simay Akar
Chief Commercial Officer & Co-Founder | Innoses
2022 Vice-Chair - Products & 2021 Social Impact Liaison

Title: Equipping Yourself to Break Glass Ceiling

Have you reached a point in your workplace where you think further advancement is likely, no matter how qualified and ready you are? Unfortunately, the glass ceiling is very real everywhere around the world in different forms, even though many women today go to the best of their ability and advance to high-level jobs that were not often offered to them in the past. This session aims to empower women to equip themselves to break the glass ceiling.


Simay Akar is an entrepreneur with reputable corporate industrial background and experience in the energy industry. She specialized in photovoltaic manufacturing, battery storage for electric vehicles and renewable energy technologies, and the clean energy market development.
Akar is currently the Chief Commercial Officer & Co-Founder at Innoses.
Her past roles include Sales & Marketing Director of EkoRE – Eko Renewable Energy and Marketing & Business Development Director of GoodWe Turkey, Head of Overseas Marketing at Talesun Solar.
Akar has worked in China and Turkey and mostly focused on international commercial activities and has been employed by CSUN Eurasia, Schneider Electric, Arcelik (BEKO), and Lucida Solar.
In addition to her professional acclimates, she is an IEEE Senior member, acknowledged volunteer since 2007. Simay is a graduate of Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey and she participated Energy Innovation and Emerging Technologies Program at Stanford University.

Speaker 2

Ms. Kaori SAIJO
Manager of TOKYO Electrical Construction & System Integration Office, East JAPAN RAILWAY COMPANY (JR East)

Title: Environmental Management and Women Empowerment in JR East

JR East is one of the largest railway companies in Japan. With declining birthrates, an aging population, staying carbon neutral and the recent covid-19 situation, our company must change our way of business style. In this session, I’ll talk about our effort, especially environmental initiatives and women empowerment.


Kaori SAIJO received her Bachelor’s degree from Electrical Engineering at Yokohama National University in 1994 and her Master’s degree in Civil Engineering at Tokyo City University in 2022. She was formerly the deputy general manager of the Overseas Business Division, Tokyo Electrical Construction & System Integration Office (TESCO) in JR East. She is currently a manager in the Power Distribution System Section, TESCO, JR East.

If you have any questions, please contact to the organizer. : Prof. Mamiko INAMORI