Integration of Power conversion, Electric machine, and Control International Power Electronics Conference 2022 Integration of Power conversion, Electric machine, and Control
International Power Electronics Conference 2022

Extended Summary Submission: OS Paper

Submission of Extended Summary is by Invitation Only.
Papers not included in the OS papers list will be automatically rejected.

Important Dates

Submission of Extended Summary October 12, 2021
October 29, 2021 (Closed)
Notification of Acceptance January 7, 2022
Submission of Final Manuscripts March 4, 2022

List of Organized Session

Track 1: Static Power Converters

  • Modeling and Simulation Techniques for Power Electronics Systems
  • Emerging Technology for Cutting Edge Wide Band Gap Semiconductor Device
  • System Integration Technology in Power Electronics
  • Power Electronics for Renewable Energy Interconnected Grid
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • Power and Energy Circuits and Systems for Communications
  • Reliability Improvement in Power Electronics Systems
  • Advance Control for Power Converters
  • Data Driven Methods in Power Electronics Systems: Applications in Analysis and Stability
  • Power Electronics for Future Aircraft
  • High performance Isolated DC-DC Converters in Emerging Applications
  • Renewable Energy Integration by Next-generation Power Electronics Technology

Track 2: Industrial Instrumentation and Control

  • Sensing and Actuation for Human Assistive Systems
  • Power Electronics for Enhancing Motion Control Systems

Track 3: Mechatronics

  • Advanced Motion Control and its Applications

Track 4: Rotating Electrical Machines

  • Technical Trend of Magnetic-geared Machines
  • Technical Trend of Next-generation Application Specific Electric Motors
  • Design and Control of Flux Modulation Permanent Magnet Machines
  • Key Technologies Towards High-speed Electrical Machines

Track 5: Motor Drive and Control

  • Motor Drive Technologies for Industrial Applications
  • Advanced Motor Drive Technology for Future
  • EMI Mitigation for Power Electronics Converters

Track 6: Linear Drives

  • Key Technologies of Superconducting Machines

Track 7: Vehicle Electrification-related Technologies

  • Power Electronics and Motor Drives for Automobiles
  • Achievements and Findings from Vehicle Grid Integration Project and Research

Track 8: Power Electronics Applied to Home Appliance

  • Recent Technologies of Home and Consumer Appliances for Decarbonization

Track 9: Human Factor and Image Recognition

  • Human Factor and Image Intelligent System

Track 10: Application of Power Electronics in Electric Railway and Related Public Transportation

  • Energy Storage System for Railway Systems
  • Advanced Power Conversion and Control for Railways

Track 11: Smart Facilities

  • IoT Technologies for Realizing Smart Facilities

Extended Summary

An extended summary describing work not previously published or presented (except for a JIA-to-IPEC paper (*1)) must be electronically submitted in a PDF file through the conference website no later than October 29, 2021


The extended summary should be up to 4 pages (except Reference) on either A4 or 8.5 by 11 inch (letter size) format with supporting figures, tables headed by title of paper and choice of topic category.
*Please do not indicate any author names.

You can download/use the template:
MS Word

Important Note

The extended summary should clearly define the salient concepts and novel features of the work. Be sure to mention past or previous works to distinguish your originality from them.


The submitted extended summary will be reviewed via a peer review process in order to ensure the highest technical quality of the conference.

Submission via EDAS

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How to Submit

Submission Closed

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Accepted authors must present their papers orally. Several rooms will be reserved for this style. Each speaker will have 20-30 minutes for oral presentation. The authors' instructions will include details for presentation styles.

Registration Policy

All accepted papers must be presented at the conference and be associated with a Regular registration (not student rate regardless of the academic status).
A full registration fee (Regular rate) will cover 1 paper and can receive a discount for the additional paper (Only once per one regular fee).
For details, please check the registration page.

Final Manuscript

Authors will be required to submit a final manuscript not exceeding eight pages in length for publication in the Conference Proceedings together with the application for registration and the required fee.


The submitted final manuscript will be published in the Conference Proceedings and IEEE Xplore.
If the final manuscript was not presented at the conference, it will NOT be included in IEEE Xplore.

Submission to IEEE TIA

“All papers actually presented in this conference may be eligible for review by IEEE-Industry Applications Society for possible publication in IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications or IEEE Industry Applications Magazine. The Conference Organizer will submit a list of papers to IEEE-IAS. IEEE-IAS will then contact the authors of papers with information on how they may be submitted for review. Further information on IEEE-IAS publications, and on the obligations of authors, can be found in the Information for Authors on the IAS web site,”

Similarity Check

Make sure that your paper is substantially different from (your) previously published work. Manuscripts will be checked for plagiarism and multiple publication via EDAS. EDAS uses docoloc and iThenticate/CrossCheck (for IEEE conferences) to search other published papers for possible plagiarism.

(*1) Authors of IEEJ Journal of Industry Applications (JIA) published papers (regular papers as well as Focused Section papers) between Vol. 10, Issue 1 (January 2021) to Vol.11, Issue 4 (July 2022) will have the option to present their papers at the IPEC2022.
Please submit the paper by October 29 through the Extended Abstract Submission form and tick the box [JIA Published paper] when submission.
Note: The Paper will NOT be published in IEEE Xplore.

Policy on Handling of Personal Information

Before paper submission, please read through the IPEC2022-Himeji Privacy Policy and check "Agree with the Privacy Policy" in EDAS.

* Please make sure to read and agree the following before starting the paper submission.

2022 International Power Electronics Conference, IPEC-Himeji 2022 -ECCE Asia- is the international conference sponsored by Institute of Electrial Engineers of Japan and co-sponsored by IEEE Power Electronics Society, IEEE Industry Applications Society and IEEE Industrial Electronics Society.

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