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  論文番号 発表英語タイトル 発表者申込者所属
16-1P01Frequency Characteristics of Output Voltage Ripple for Design of Capacitors of Cockcroft-Walton CircuitShingo SuzukiKobe City College of Technology
  16-1P02Prediction of parasitic parameters considering the bus bar geometry using image analysisRyosuke ShigetomiTokyo Metropolitan University
  16-1P03Development of Auto Mobile Robot with Towring System for Park MaintenanceTakumi YanoKobe City College of Technology
  16-1P04Buck chopper circuit control for passive component characterizationKosuke OdaTokyo Metropolitan University
16-1P05Development of High Step-down Passive Rectifier using Duality Principle from Cockcroft-Walton CircuitFumie IshitaniOkayama University
16-1P06Study of current imbalance in a DC-link capacitor bank caused by fast switching with SiC MOSFETs.Sakurako NasuKyushu Institute of Technology
16-1P07Proposal for Improvement of Power Generation Characteristics and Heat Transfer of Thermoelectric Conversion Devices in Hybrid PV ModulesShuto NakamuraSalesian Polytechnic
  16-1P08Optimal energy dispatch of a DC Micro-grid consisted of railway regenerative energy, PV systems, and Electric Vehicle AggregatorsLyu MingyuSophia University
16-1P09Stability of Two Operating Points by Nonlinear Characteristics in Bidirectional DC/DC ConverterKenta YamamotoKyoto University
  16-1P10Development of regeneration system for micro-electric vehicles using multistage transmissionYoshiyuki NakayamaTokyo Metropolitan University
  16-1P11A Study on the Interference Noise Between Electric Stoves in IH CookersGakuto SasakiSalesian Polytechnic
16-1P12Research on Energy Saving in DC-electrified Railway for Carbon NeutralityKota SatoWaseda University
16-1P13Development and Performance Test of Ballistic Range using Electromagnetic Acceleration Jinsuke MoritaSalesian Polytechnic
  16-1P14Introduction of Power Electronics Laboratory at Nagoya Institute of TechnologyAtsushi NishioNagoya Institute of Technology
  16-1P15Crossover Frequency Measurement of Tumor Cells on Dielectrophoresis Using Frequency ModulationTakahide Sagae Tokyo Metropolitan University
  16-1P16Electro Encephalographic Changes Due to Sound Noise During Use of IH CookerKento SakuraiSalesian Politechnic
  16-1P17Parallel Simulation and High-Speed Data Acquisition Method for Active Gate Driver ImplementationKokusho HyoTokyo Metropolitan University
  16-1P18Hybrid power generation system combining PV modules and thermoelectric conversion elementsTakayuki AndoSalesian Polytechnic
  16-1P19Analisys and experiment of gate-noise voltage for next-generation IGBTs in an inverterShinichi SakaiKyushu Institute of Technology
16-1P20Solid-state DC circuit breaker using SiC power devicesTaro TakamoriTokyo Metropolitan University
  16-1P21Analysis of Three-Phase SR-SAB DC-DC Converter Using Y-Y Connected TransformerTaisei KatoNagoya Institute of Technology
16-1P22A Study on 40MHz Class-E Inverter with GaN TransistorShota SekiOsaka University
  16-1P23A Proposal of Charge/Discharge Circuit for Stand-alone AC Battery and Charge/Discharge CharacteristicsKohei TsudaSalesian Polytechnic
  17-1P01Development of Emergency Power Supply System Using Magnesium-air BatteriesTomoki MitsuiTokyo Denki University
17-1P02Study of Magnetization Reversal MotorShion MajimaYokohama National University
  17-1P03Efficiency Evaluation of an EV Charging System with Regenerated Energy from DC RailwaysSeikichi YashiroSophia University
17-1P04Basic Study of Thermal Model for Dehydrogenation Equipment Using Induction Heating in Organic Hydride MethodAkira KomuroTokyo Denki University
17-1P05High-frequency Loss and split structure of Litz wireEmiri AsahinaTohoku university
  17-1P06Derivation transfer function of boost-forward DC-DC convertor for control system designKazuki MatsumotoOsaka metropolitan university college of technology
17-1P07A Coupler design for high power WPT using 13.56 MHzIzumi SasaharaYokohama National University
  17-1P08Identification Method of Parasitic Components in a Power Loop on PCBs using a VNA Port ExtensionYuki NomuraOsaka University
  17-1P09Electric Power Consumption Reduction by Powertrain Efficiency Improvement for Heavy Weight EvsYudai IshikawaYokohama National University Graduate School
  17-1P10Efficiency Improvement of a Switched Reluctance Motor by a Three-Dimensional Gap StructureIori ShimohamaFukuoka Institute University
17-1P11Loss Analysys of Mega-hertz Inverter using Calorimetric Power Loss MeasurementMasamichi YamaguchiNagaoka University of Technology
  17-1P12Robustness Comparison of PMSM Drive Systems with 1 MHz and 10 MHz Multi-Sampling Deadbeat Control Using USPM ControllerZhang XiaohanTokyo Denki University
  17-1P13Research on high-power dual 3-phase PMSMAkito YoshidaYokohama National University
  17-1P14An Experimental Loss Analysis of Two-phase PWM scheme by using Variable Switching Pause Period for Unbalance Three Phase InverterShun Sato, Honoka FukutaniKobe City College of Technology
  17-1P15Paper Review and Research Introduction of 6-Phase Pole Change Induction MotorNaoya KatoYokohama National University
  17-1P16Study on Inverter DC Side Arrangement of Passive Common Noise CancellerKakiemon TanabeHokkaido University
  17-1P17Improvement of external magnetic field tolerance of resolverTaisei MorikawaYokohama National University
17-1P18Continuous Operation of Wind Power Plants under DC Line Faults in Multi-Circuit HVDC Transmission System.Mitsuyoshi EnomotoTokyo Institute of Technology
  17-1P19Identification of Motor Excitation Force and Improvement of Measurement AccuracyHiromu OkaYokohama National University
  17-1P205 MHz Drive of SiC MOSFET using Gate Driver in kHz BandShunsuke KatsukiHokkaido University
  17-1P21Torque ripple reduction with harmonic current in PMSMYuka YamanoYokohama National Univercity
  17-1P22Study of Electric Power Consumption Reduction Using Multi-speed Transmission System for Micro-mobilityShuhei IshikawaToKyo Denki University
17-1P23Drive system integrated magnetic multiple spur gear and high speed motors for low floor light rail vehicleYoshiki NishiokaYokohama National University
  17-2P01A Control Method of Delta-connected MMC for Railway Power ConditionerKohei NojiriRitsumeikan University
17-2P02Loss Reduction Effect of Three-Phase Inverter Using a New Single Phase PWM control MethodUtena YasudaKobe City College of Technology
17-2P03Time-Frequency Analysis of Three-Phase Inverter Using a New Single Phase PWM control MethodMio OginoKobe City College of Technology
  17-2P04Study on Common Mode Noise Reduction using Leakage Inductance of InductorIto SantaKWANSEI GAKUIN UNIVERSITY
  17-2P05Study on High-Speed Output Voltage Control of Bidirectional ChopperSora KamadaRitsumeikan University
  17-2P06Circuit Specification for Eliminating Unstable Elements in Boost-Forward DC-DC ConverterToshihiro AsaiOsaka Metropolitan University College of Technology
  17-2P07Study on Topology Optimization for Power DevicesTakuma YamaguchiKwansei gakuin University
  17-2P08Effect of Inductance Error for Sensorless Control of SynRM in Low-Speed Using High-frequency CurrentTatsuki HayashiNational Institute of Technology, Gifu College
17-2P09Suppression of conducted EMI in an electric compressor for vehicle air conditioning system using an active circuitIori UdaHokkaido University
17-2P10Hybrid Battery System for Electric MotorcycleMomoe SakaiNagoya Institute of Technology
17-2P11A Numerical Loss Analysis of Unbalanced Three-Phase Inverter by Using Variable Switching Pause Period Two-Phase PWM SchemeHonoka Fukutani, Shun SatoKobe City College of Technology
  17-2P12Basic Study on Densification of DC-DC Converters Using Liquid Immersion Cooling SystemKatusya YamashitaTokyo Denki University
  17-2P13Development of a MIDI synthesizer that applies MLCC audible ringingHaruki KorosueKobe City College of Technology
  17-2P14Development of Three-Phase Inverter for Small Electric Vehicle with Multi-speed Transmission SystemEiji YamashitaTokyo denki University
  17-2P15A Novel Type of Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer Apparatus for an EDLC Capacitor ScooterHaruka TomoyasuOsaka Institute of Technology
17-2P16Output Voltage Control Method of Single-phase Inverter for THD ReductionRyoto ShinoharaRitsumeikan University
  17-2P17Observation of SiC Planar Type MOSFETs Using the Scanning Probe Microscope Under the Operating StateAtsushi DoiChiba Institute of Technology
  17-2P18Basic Study on Thrusters for Small- and Micro-Satellite using EHD PhenomenonRyo WatanabeTokyo Denki University
  17-2P19Hybrid modulation method of PWM and Square-wave Operation for Solid-state TransformerNaoto KikuchiNagaoka University of Technology
  17-2P20A Control Method of MMC Connected to Permanent Magnet Synchronous GeneratorYuusuke YamamotoRitsumeikan University
17-2P21Soft-Switching Strategy of Wireless Power Transfer System Using a Matrix Converter during RegenerationMasaki YamamotoNagoya Institute of Technology
17-2P22Study on Topology Optimization for Noise Filter DesignTanaka KazukiyoKwansei Gakuin University
  18-1P01A Study on a Multilevel DAB Converter with Square Pulse Amplitude ControlKoya TsutsumiYokohama National University
  18-1P02Power flow control for a loop distribution system using full-bridge series compensator operated with fundamental frequency switchingHayato TamuraUniversity of Tsukuba
  18-1P03An Influence of Temperature Characteristics in Gate Threshold Voltage of SiC MOSFET on its Dead TimeKazuki NishataniOsaka University
  18-1P04Research Introduction of Power Electronics LaboratoryYudai Kitamura, Keisuke Kashiwa, Mitsuki TakahashiUniversity of Tsukuba
  18-1P05Protection of photovoltaic systems with fuses and blocking diodes for short circuit failuresHibiki SasakiNational Institute of Technology, Yonago College
18-1P06Design Strategy of Gate Controlless Hybrid Circuit BreakerYoshihiro FujisakiTsukuba University
18-1P07Balancing Control with Extended Operation Region under Load Unbalance for Multiport ConverterTakumi YasudaNagaoka University of Technology
  18-1P08Open-winding induction machine drive with harmonic current control by 9 single-phase invertersShunji KohnoUniversity of Tsukuba
  18-1P09An Investigation of Gate Resistance Selection for a Digital Active Gate Driver Using General Gate Driver IcsMasaki FurukawaYokohama National University
  18-1P10Study on High Voltage Inverter Using Multi-Series Simultaneous SwitchingShunsuke IshidaTokyo Metropolitan College of Industrial Tech.
18-1P11Basic study on the reliability of DC-link electrolytic capacitors used in electric vehicle inverterLe HuuthienNagoya Institute of Technology
18-1P12A Loss Analysis of a Dual Active Bridge Converter with Variable Equivalent Magnetizing Inductance by using Coupled Inductor and SwitchesYuki OkamuraYokohama National University
  18-1P13Visualization of current paths by the high-frequency magnetic fields due to the down-conversion methodMasaki SumiChibba Institute of Technology
18-1P14An Experimental Analysis of ICCC Rectifier for Improvement in Output Power of Vibration GeneratorYuki HanaiKobe City College of Technology
  18-1P15A Study on Design Procedure of Inverters for Hybrid Electric AircraftsRyota SomaYokohama National University
  18-1P16Output Voltage of Single-switch High Step-up DC-DC Converter with Three-winding Coupled Inductor over wide Duty RatioTakeshi EharaKobe City College of Technology
18-1P17Harmonics Suppression by Active Filter Using Electrolytic Capacitorless InverterShinjiro ShimuraTokyo Metropolitan College of Industrial Technology
18-1P18Three-Phase Voltage-Fed CVCF Inverter with Pulse-Voltage-Injected Two-Phase ModulationTaketo IkeuchiKobe City College of Technology
  18-1P19Trends in power electronics in Haga-laboratoryTakumi SoedaNagaoka University of Technology
  18-1P20An Experimental Analysis of Load Estimation for Three-phase Inverter by using Pseudo Random Sequence SignalNaoya MorinakaKobe City College of Technology
  18-1P21Research IntroductionAtsuhiro Akiba, Enjoji Yuya, Kaito MoriUniversity of Tsukuba


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