Integration of Power conversion, Electric machine, and Control International Power Electronics Conference 2022 Integration of Power conversion, Electric machine, and Control
International Power Electronics Conference 2022

List of Organized Sessions

Track 1: Static Power Converters

  • Modeling and Simulation Techniques for Power Electronics Systems
  • Emerging Technology for Cutting Edge Wide Band Gap Semiconductor Device
  • System Integration Technology in Power Electronics
  • Power Electronics for Renewable Energy Interconnected Grid
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • Power and Energy Circuits and Systems for Communications
  • Reliability Improvement in Power Electronics Systems
  • Advance Control for Power Converters
  • Data Driven Methods in Power Electronics Systems: Applications in Analysis and Stability
  • Power Electronics for Future Aircraft
  • High performance Isolated DC-DC Converters in Emerging Applications
  • Renewable Energy Integration by Next-generation Power Electronics Technology

Track 2: Industrial Instrumentation and Control

  • Sensing and Actuation for Human Assistive Systems
  • Power Electronics for Enhancing Motion Control Systems

Track 3: Mechatronics

  • Advanced Motion Control and its Applications

Track 4: Rotating Electrical Machines

  • Technical Trend of Magnetic-geared Machines
  • Technical Trend of Next-generation Application Specific Electric Motors
  • Design and Control of Flux Modulation Permanent Magnet Machines
  • Key Technologies Towards High-speed Electrical Machines

Track 5: Motor Drive and Control

  • Motor Drive Technologies for Industrial Applications
  • Advanced Motor Drive Technology for Future
  • EMI Mitigation for Power Electronics Converters

Track 6: Linear Drives

  • Key Technologies of Superconducting Machines

Track 7: Vehicle Electrification-related Technologies

  • Power Electronics and Motor Drives for Automobiles
  • Achievements and Findings from Vehicle Grid Integration Project and Research

Track 8: Power Electronics Applied to Home Appliance

  • Recent Technologies of Home and Consumer Appliances for Decarbonization

Track 9: Human Factor and Image Recognition

  • Human Factor and Image Intelligent System

Track 10: Application of Power Electronics in Electric Railway and Related Public Transportation

  • Energy Storage System for Railway Systems
  • Advanced Power Conversion and Control for Railways

Track 11: Smart Facilities

  • IoT Technologies for Realizing Smart Facilities